The Latest Arrivals

Proudly Handmade in England

We've spent our time getting these latest arrivals ready for release. The reason being is we've been
experimenting with new fabrics, materials and colours and the outcome ; 4 entirely new belts
all with the same interwoven technique synonymous with our previous ranges.

We've gone the extra mile with these and we hope you like them as much as we do. As always though, we've designed a belt that can fit to anyone's lifestyle - these products are intended to wear and tear over time to create a belt which tells its own story.


The Woollen and Suede Collection


This balances a exchange of leather with brown and navy suede, hand stitched to a combination of light grey and navy cords respectively. These rustic combinations can work well with denim, chorody or chino trousers - and offer some warm tones for autumn/winter dress.

The Multicoloured Collection

This is by far our most adventurous yet and features an 'organised chaos' of colours that form the elastic treads. Our Cambridge belt, as well as making you feeling a little more intelligent will give you something to wear to brighten any waistline. Browns, blues, golds and navy stitched to a matching brown leather and a brushed silver buckle. The Faxton belt adopts a lighter colour fusion of grey, creme and a 'rose mist pink' (yes we came up with that ourselves!) stitched to a grey leather trim. The belts shout summer but can also bring life to compliment a casual darker suit jacket/trousers.

As always, our eagle is silently embossed for authenticity.

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