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Its that time of the year to drop what you're doing and think for five minutes about what products and brands you love - no, Apple doesn't count...you need to take it one step further and think which of these make you proud to be British? Doesn't have to be household like Land Rover or Burberry...it can be everyday products or accessories you might carry, wear or sit on...here is our selection

Freddie Grub

Freddie Grubb is a British bicycle brand finally bringing some life into the saturated bicycle market with its contemporary take on the traditional town bike. The level of attention to detail is obvious and make for an attractive looking bike - our favourite, the Walbrook.


Sunspel has made underwear since 1860 and, in 1947, was the first firm to introduce boxer shorts to the UK, although the range now includes T-shirts and polo shirts. The collections are created from fine materials with careful attention to detail.

Alice Made This

Sitting proudly flying the accessory banner, powered by British industrialism, Alice Made This uses factories across the UK to produce its selection of sleek cufflinks. The label uses processes, machines and materials from facilities with nautical, aerospace and military expertise.

Lock & Co

Whether your a fine English Gent, or simply just pretending to be one...top hats, flat caps, woolen hats or a panama hat - Lock & Co from Mayfair are your best bet. This charming and unique establishment, which traces its roots back to 1676, is confident that it offers the largest variety of hats in the world.

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