Shore Projects


 Photography by Mike Quyen & Joseph Fordham


What does being British mean to you?

Our whole brand is based around the British seaside so for us it means sticks of rock, amusement arcades, wet and windy walks on the coast and of course a British staple - a diet of fish and chips.


Being based in London, what kind of influence do you feel the city has had on you and your watches?

The office is based in London but our hearts are by the coast and come the weekend that is where you will likely find us. London is an awesome city and the buzz of the place means we are always striving for more but the watches we have taken influence from a more traditional explorer vibe than the high fashion you find in the city.

We've been seeing you guys grow with very quick success in a short amount of time, what's next for Shore Projects?

We want to grow the brand further afield and do limited edition runs of our watches which is something we haven't done before, so rather than launch a permanent range we would create one off watches that fans of the brand can buy and then know that style will never be repeated. That sounds like fun for us!


Your storytelling that accompanies your Instagram feed and lookbooks is always beautifuly photographed; what's the story behind how this comes to be?

We work with talented writers, photographers and videographers who produce amazing content. It's as simple as that really. We try and make the Shore website an interesting place not just somewhere to buy a watch. We are posting a new blog post every week on places to see, films, cocktail recipes you name it so if you're bored...