It's about the Leather

Made in England

This month saw us celebrating our first year anniversary in business, its been a real ride so far
and one many say is often the most difficult - but safe to say we are really excited
about what the future holds for Brydon Brothers.

The last 6 months of our journey has seen us working very closely with a leather manufacturer close to where the Brydon Brothers grew up in the Midlands and we are beyond excited to finally be showing you the fruits of our labour.

We have continually strived to produce quality, simple belts that not only look great on the customer, but also will stand the test of time. Our upcoming leather range will follow this tradition and appreciation of materials although for us, being made up the road makes it a little more personal and special.

After lots of testing and sampling of different leathers, we've designed a belt that can fit to anyone's lifestyle - these products are intended to wear and tear over time to create a belt which tells its own story.

The Leather

The leather in our Made in England collection is vegetable-tanned, a method used for thousands of years and is one we continue to trust in and use within our products. To breifly explain; the natural tannins found in barks, wood and other plants convert the animal’s skin into leather to produce a long lasting distinguishable product that retains inherent features and has a rich depth of colour.

With this type of vegetable tanned leather, colour variation is inevitable as there are no synthetic chemicals used in this process to control consistency. After years of working with leather, its is something our suppliers have grown to appreciate and value highly.

Above all though, this type of leather will continue to develop its own character over time. It will respond to light, as well as the oils and moisture in your hands, which means your product will age beautifully as the colour darkens and the leather develops a unique patina through use. These are not imperfections, but characteristics that make each item a one-of-a-kind.


It is important to take care of your leather and with regular use the natural oils from handling will insure that it ages beautifully and lasts a lifetime.

With veg-tanned leather, stains are part of life. They’re character – part of the journey of your leather. Take them in your stride and chances are they’ll blend into the leather before you know it. Veg-tanned leather functions a bit like skin – expose it to the sun, and it’ll darken like a suntan. It helps hide any little stains or water marks (rain drops included) and allows for a great patina to build over time.

Stains can be hard to remove from products, however we suggest using a damp cloth or professional leather cleaner, leaving the products to dry naturally.

Keep it dry: It’s a common known fact that leather and water just don’t mix. If your leather belt does come into contact with water, blot it with a towel and let it air dry. Add some leather oil to the belt’s surface. The elements outside can be harsh on leather belts, so if you find yourself out in the rain or snow, keep it covered with your shirt or jacket. Additionally, heat can ruin a leather belt. It can become deformed if worn for an extended amount of time in especially hot conditions like direct sun.

Safe to say though, we've really put our belts to the test and we can't wait to see how your BB belts start to wear - we hope you'll love them more as you use them.

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