Daniel Casson

Photographer Feature

You should know by now how inspired we are by the rugged British landscapes that surround us and there is
no one better who brings these aesthetics to life than 27 year old Daniel Casson from Sheffield.

Being 15 minutes drive from the Peak District its' no surprise its breathtaking countryside, mountains, lakes and drives remain a firm staple in his photography diet.

He started taking shots on his phone and in a short amount of time has been commended in the Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards from Takeaview, worked with brands such as Barbour UK, Hunterboots, Vodafone UK, Landrover USA, and has been featured in the The Times and The Telegraph.

We've been showcasing his shots on our own Instagram feed for sometime so we thought it was about time we brought some onto a bigger screen. His use of dark and deep tones gives a really unique and honest portrayal of our fine Island - we hope you enjoy them too.

Check out his Instagram here

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