Brydon Brothers go back to their roots

Travel Feature

Earlier this month my brothers and I decided to go back to our roots; to put our money where our brand and hearts lie, and head into the British Wilderness. So after a few months of date negotiations on whatsapp, we finally vacated our urban existences and made the trip to spend some time on the wonderfully rugged Isle of Skye.

This wasn't just about turning the out of office on, this was about good old fashioned bonding. The kind of stuff that with too much leather would have got us arrested. It means chucking on some waterproofs, packing a tent, borrowing a friends travel stove and being prepared to walk, a lot. They say the mountain air and stars are man's greatest therapy...well whichever bright spark figured that out deserves a Nobel prize and a cool lager.

It's funny what comes out of your mouth when all you've been focusing on is your aching glutes and your surroundings. We went back to basics and frankly - whats more important than hanging out with your 3 best pals who fortunately share the same family name.

Here are a few shots from the week.

The Brydon Brothers  xx

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